CURIO's new Comet vase is inspired by vintage paperweight vases, featuring a wider flute and bullicante detailing in the spherical base, creating a dreamy, celestial effect and a sharper, more contemporary shape. 


CURIO's first design, the Pebble Stack®, has been celebrated for striking the perfect balance between an object that is eye-catchingly cool and colourful, but also holds a deeply grounding, spiritual significance.

“The pebble thing is somehow primal; it's like a movement away from excess and back to nature.”

Olivia Thorpe, FT How To Spend It.

The Pebble Stack® provides the same ritualistic meditation that comes from literally stacking pebbles on a beach...combine this with colour and you have something earth-bound and talismanic that also feels exotic and exciting.

Coloured glass is chameleon-like; turn it around, place it in sunlight or in the shadows and it becomes an ever-changing object... No other medium can achieve that.



If you are looking to create something specific for your space, unique gifts for your guests or if you are a interior designer with a bespoke glass commission in mind, please contact us for Olivia and our expert team to bring your ideas to life.