Olivia Thorpe Founder Vanderohe CURIO

CURIO is a London-based, handblown glassware studio, founded by Olivia Thorpe. Olivia started out with a small line of colourful, handblown speckled baubles. They were an instant sell-out and led to Olivia receiving a request to design an entire collection of coloured glassware for one of the world's biggest online retailers.

CURIO Pebble Stacks

Olivia's obsession with fashion, art and for things that are beautifully-crafted, led to a core collection of meticulously-made, colourful glassware. Jewel-like drinkware, show-stopping centrepieces and gleaming objets, all in a rainbow of speckled and dégradé colours, each piece free-blown without using moulds, so that every design would feel like a piece of art for the home.  

Behind it all lies Olivia's dedication to sustainability and CURIO therefore, uniquely, celebrates local artisans and developing talent. Olivia works exclusively with some of the world's leading glassblowers in the U.K. Her team are made up of experts (and artists in their own right) who have honed their skills over years of painstaking dedication to the art of glassblowing.

A deep-set love and appreciation of nature lies at the heart of everything that Olivia creates - it is the essence of Olivia's skincare brand, Vanderohe, and she seamlessly carries it through to the lifestyle space through colour and form. CURIO designs mirror the movement and fluidity of nature, urging to be held and admired, kaleidoscopic with colour.